Our story

Tea Lab is a story of finding home in a cup of tea. Megha grew up identifying the smell of tea as the smell of home ; her first memories include young tea leaves and buds plucked and ready to be transported in little green wagons, in a lush little town called Dibrugarh in Assam, India by the banks of the colossal Brahmaputra river. Today she is our trained in-house tea sommelier who supervises our blending processes and creates stories around each of these blends. We pick a large range of our leaf teas from the verdant gardens of Assam and also from Darjeeling and the beautiful Nilgiris. We blend them lovingly with a whole bunch of medicinal herbs, fragrant spices and summer fruits to create some incredible teas and infusions, each of which functions differently on your body from morning to post-meals to pre-sleep . We have specific blends for the summer and some especially for the winters,to go with the crackling fire and the stories around it.

So, go ahead - brew your tea and take a minute out to tell your story.