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Finding home in a cup of tea

Tea Lab is a story of finding home in a cup of tea. Megha grew up identifying the smell of tea as the smell of home ;

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Ami Mehta

Head of Marketing - Saint Gobain India

“Dear Megha, Thank you on having this done at split second notice. The kit was part of our marketing campaign for a product that is linked to monsoons. This campaign has been launched with top architectural firms i.e our key clientele across India. The customization of label was crucial for the campaign and we are glad that you and your team supported the requirement within stipulated time. It was the unique presentation of tea kit and packaging finish which made this as suitable give-away to our key clientele. We are also happy to share, that the campaign is doing well and kit in particular has been appreciated well.”

Palashi Vaghela

PhD Candidate - Cornell University

"For our wedding favours we were looking for something that was an experience and not just an artifact. Meet having been in the events industry and then a Frontend we developer is quite particular about what he sees as a good experience. My immersion in study of society as a researcher has nurtured my love for everyday rituals that bring people together. During the covid lockdown, we discovered the joy of the ritual of brewing and drinking tea together every evening. We truly came to appreciate that experience as something that brought us together for our love of flavour and conversations to wind down after a long day of work from home. So when we decided to get married it was a no brainer for us to choose Tea Lab for designing a tea experience for our loved ones. We had known them from their inception and always waited with bated breath to try our every new blend they'd bring out."